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Targeted Medication Reviews (TMRs) Critical Success Factor for Medication Therapy Management

A Humana study comparing the differences in medication therapy management (MTM) services found that targeted medication reviews (TMR) were highly successful interventions.

“This study highlights how critically important it is for Part D and Medicare Advantage plans to continue to innovate in their efforts to contribute to better therapeutic outcomes for the patients they serve,” Michael Taday, associate vice president of pharmacy clinical strategies and operations for Humana pharmacy solutions, said in a statement.

CMS has designated two medication therapy management interventions, comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs) and TMRs.

CMRs review all of the medications taken by a patient and sends them a cover letter, a full medication list, and a medication action plan to combine with their medications. CMS requires providers to offer CMRs to eligible patients on an annual basis.

TMRs monitor medications constantly to determine that drugs are appropriately prescribed and predict or identify medication-related problems.

The study determined that TMR interventions were more successful at achieving low acute inpatient admissions. Furthermore, patients were far more likely to adhere to their medications when their providers used a TMR. The past year, in particular, proved that TMR patients were less likely to visit the emergency department, the data showed.

In contrast, CMR interventions only reduced acute inpatient admissions when it was clear that the patient had a medication-related condition.

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