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Pharmacy Benefit Managers are Outwitting Attempts at Accountability, Tougher Rules [Weekly Roundup]

 News and notes from around the interweb:

  • The case for “unbundling” self-funded health benefit programs. They [employers] can unbundle their plan and choose a fully transparent PBM that makes sure all of the rebate dollars get back to the plan within certain time frames and their contractual obligations are potentially different than they might have been within the bundled plan. That unbundling could save the employer a significant amount of money without negatively affecting the services provided to plan participants.
  • Key Drugs in Specialty Pharmacy Slated to Launch in 2022. Ray Tancredi, RPh, MBA, divisional VP of specialty pharmacy development and brand Rx/vaccine purchasing at Walgreens, addresses key drugs in development that are slated to launch in 2022, key drugs in development that are slated to launch in the future of note, and some of the promising and unique medications to keep an eye on that are expected to be approved in the specialty pharmacy space.
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  • Pharma Grapples With Best Price Accumulator. A new CMS policy, issued in December 2020 with an effective date of Jan. 1, 2023, requires pharmaceutical manufacturers to “ensure” the benefit of copay assistance programs goes only to patients to maintain the exclusion from best price reporting. If a coupon’s full value doesn’t accrue to the patient, the pharmaceutical manufacturer must count it as a discount to the drug’s Medicaid price.
  • Pharmacy and PBM Leader Deloitte Consulting: Specialty Drugs Rely on Personalization for Optimal OutcomesThe high cost of specialty drugs makes it important to use companion diagnostics and other tests to make sure the drug is going to the right patient, said George Van Antwerp, MBA, managing director, Deloitte Consulting. When we look at the cost of specialty drugs, and especially some of the cell and gene therapy drugs, which are really all about precision medicine, those costs mean they have to work. They have to be focused on and personalized to the individual.
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