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Eli Broad, founder of KB Home and Sun Life Financial, wrote in his autobiography: "The solutions to the serious problems that face our world — a recessionary economic environment, unsustainable energy consumption, skyrocketing healthcare costs — start with education. Moreover, we have no more right to starve our children of knowledge and the ability to apply it than we do to starve them of food."

Fiduciary PBM Services

Redefining Trust in Pharmacy Benefits Management

At TransparentRx, we don’t just manage your pharmacy benefits—we elevate them. As America’s pioneering fiduciary Pharmacy Benefit Manager (PBM), we are committed to transparency, integrity, and an uncompromising duty of care. Discover how our fiduciary approach can transform your pharmacy benefits experience.

What is a Fiduciary PBM?

A fiduciary PBM operates under a legal and ethical obligation to prioritize the interests of its clients above all else. Unlike traditional PBMs, a fiduciary PBM embraces total transparency and accountability in managing pharmacy benefits. This means we make decisions that are best for you, without hidden agendas or undisclosed profits.

Benefits for Purchasers of PBM Services

Cost Efficiency: By aligning our goals with yours, we focus solely on managing your costs effectively. Our transparent model ensures that you benefit from actual drug cost savings—not inflated margins.

Customized Solutions: Every organization is unique. We tailor our pharmacy benefit solutions to fit your specific needs, ensuring optimal outcomes for cost management and patient care.

Strategic Insights: With TransparentRx, you gain a partner that provides more than just transaction processing. We offer strategic insights and data analytics that help you make informed decisions, ensuring long-term benefits and sustainability.

Benefits for Your Workforce

Enhanced Well-being: Our fiduciary duty extends to your workforce, ensuring they receive the best possible care without unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses. This commitment helps improve overall employee health and satisfaction.

Access to Care: We leverage our expertise to negotiate better pharmacy services, ensuring your employees have access to necessary medications without delay or hassle.

Educational Support: We empower your employees with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their pharmacy benefits, fostering a healthier, more informed workforce.

Choose TransparentRx: Where Care Comes First

At TransparentRx, your health and financial well-being are our top priorities. Join us in transforming the landscape of pharmacy benefits management. Let’s build a future where everyone can look better, feel better, and live longer.