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Pharmacy Benefit Institute of America Celebrates Outstanding Achievements of New CPBS Graduates

Five Exceptional Individuals Earn Prestigious CPBS Designation; Frank Chen, Achieves Top Honors with Perfect Final Exam Score

The Pharmacy Benefit Institute of America (PBIA) is delighted to announce the latest group of accomplished professionals who have successfully completed the rigorous Certified Pharmacy Benefits Specialist (CPBS) program. This class’s cohort includes Frank Chen, Shravan Patel, Janice Rhee, Barry Rowley, and Cynthia Yu who have all demonstrated exceptional dedication and skill in the field of pharmacy benefits management.

Leading the class with distinction, Frank Chen achieved a remarkable feat by scoring a perfect score on the final exam, setting a high standard for future cohorts. This accomplishment is a testament to his commitment and expertise in the domain of pharmacy benefits.

The CPBS program, offered exclusively by PBIA, is an in-depth certification designed to equip professionals with comprehensive knowledge and skills essential for navigating the complex landscape of pharmacy benefits. Covering a wide array of topics such as industry trends, healthcare regulations, cost management strategies, and patient care optimization, the program prepares individuals for leadership roles in the industry.

Each graduate has shown remarkable commitment to their professional development and the advancement of the pharmacy benefits sector. Their achievements are indicative of their dedication to staying abreast of industry trends and delivering the highest quality of care and service to patients.

“We are incredibly proud of the hard work and dedication shown by these individuals in earning their CPBS designation,” said Tyrone Squires, Founder of PBIA. “Their drive for continuous learning and excellence is inspirational and sets a benchmark in the pharmacy benefits management field.”

PBIA extends its heartfelt congratulations to these graduates on their remarkable achievement and wishes them continued success in their careers. The CPBS designation is a clear indicator of their expertise and commitment to advancing the pharmacy benefits management field.

For more information about the CPBS program and PBIA, please visit or contact Maricor Bonjoc at or 702-389-1159.

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The Pharmacy Benefit Institute of America (PBIA) is a leading organization dedicated to providing comprehensive education and professional development in the field of pharmacy benefits management. Approved by various authoritative bodies, PBIA offers certification programs and resources to empower professionals with the knowledge and skills essential in this dynamic industry.

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