Victoria Spradley

Victoria “Vicky” Spradley, CPhT, CPBS

Victoria Spradley has been involved in the client service industry since 2005. Currently, Vicky leads a team of three that will assist in supporting key accounts and will be the single point of contract. Throughout her career, Vicky has shown expertise in account management, account retention, implementation, and team leadership. Vicky’s leadership philosophy and care for her teammates has resulted in unprecedented satisfaction rates amongst her team. Vicky is available from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday in the office. She is also available via cell phone and email after hours and on weekends. When Vicky is out of the office, all phone calls to the office phone number are automatically forwarded to her cell phone to assure that no call is missed. While Vicky will still have others that report to her, she will have significant oversight of health plans and employer groups.

Previous Experience:

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