Free Webinar

How many businesses do you know want to cut their revenues in half? That’s why traditional pharmacy benefit managers don’t offer a fiduciary standard and instead opt for hidden cash flow opportunities such as rebate masking. Want to learn more?

A snapshot of what you will learn:

  • Hidden cash flows in the PBM Industry such as formulary steering, rebate masking and differential pricing
  • How to calculate cost of pharmacy benefit manager services or CPBMS
  • Specialty pharmacy cost-containment strategies
  • The financial impact of actual acquisition cost (AAC) vs. effective acquisition cost (EAC)
  • Why mail-order and preferred pharmacy networks may not be the great deal you were sold

Some comments about the webinar from past attendees:

“Thank you Tyrone. Nice job, good information.”
David Stoots, AVP
“Thank you Tyrone for this informative meeting.”
David Wachtel, VP
“…Great presentation! I had our two partners on the presentation as well. Very informative.”
Nolan Waterfall, Agent/Benefits Specialist
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